Daikin climate solutions guarantee a comfortable stay for your patients, reduced operating costs and environmental sustainability.


Good Design Goes Unnoticed

With so many design options, we work with you to create an indoor climate that blends seamlessly with your interior and offer effortless comfort to your patients.

Complete Comfort For You And Your Patients

With our BMS (Business Management System) and Fidelio Integration we give you total control of your energy use and your patients individual control of their comfort.

Reduce Your Overhead

With the use of renewable energy and efficient recovery technology, you significantly cut your operational costs and maximize your ROI.

Key card

Smart Connection Key Cards

Our unique smart connection key card management system reduces your energy costs without compromising your patients comfort.

Case Study Interhealth Hospital Turks & Caicos

Thanks to Daikin´s team efficient and immediate response, Interhealth Canada Turks & Caicos hospital was able to take care of their patients and keep running after Irma´s and Maria´s hurricanes.

A Complete Solution For Climate Control For Healthcare

From personalized heating and air conditioning solutions, to energy saving management systems, we have climate solutions for your facilities. Learn more about the options available for your needs.

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Experience Energy Savings

  • Control up to 70% of your entire facility energy use
  • Use renewable energy to generate heating and hot water
  • The smart key card automatically turns off heating and air conditioning when a patient leaves the room or opens the window
  • Intelligent Touch Manager gives you full control of your energy consumption by helping you manage and optimize your usage