Light Commercial

Designed for use in shops, restaurants and small offices, Daikin offers substantial operating efficiencies to help minimize operating costs.


The Ideal Air Conditioner For Light Commercial Applications


Our units combine ultimate performance with award-winning design that perfectly fits into any space.


Daikin offers an optimized solution portfolio for every environment.

Energy Efficiency

The Inverter technology monitors and adjusts the power and ambient temperature whenever needed.


We offer the largest selection of heating and cooling solutions to suit shops, restaurants and small offices. Learn more about Daikin systems and options available

Sky Air

  • 50% reduced energy consumption
  • Customizable for any small to medium-sized commercial application
  • Installation flexibility
  • Enhanced comfort with 360˚ uniform air flow

Thermostat DT4272/DT4272C

  • Ideal for residential & light commercial use
  • Up to 4-heating / 2-cooling stages
  • Controls cooling or heat pumps systems
  • 7 Day programmable

Thermostat CTK04

  • Ideal for residential & light commercial use
  • ComforNet™, Active on-board diagnostics
  • Outdoor temperature display (accessory)
  • RedLink by Honeywell wireless accessory provides internet accessibility, allows remote control from any laptop, pc, smartphone (apple and android)

Thermostat TSTATD2200-2

  • Ideal for residential & light commercial use
  • Up to 2 heating / 2 Cooling stages
  • Controls only cooling systems
  • Battery or system powered

Thermostat TSTATD2152-2

  • Ideal for residential & light commercial use
  • 2-heating / 1-cooling stages
  • 5 +2 days programmable system
  • Battery or system powered