Rooftop Systems

Developed specifically to suit commercial applications and designed for flexible and easy installation.



Compact, durable design.


Basic BMS connection via dry contacts.


Convertable Return and Supply Air.


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DBC Packaged Gas/Electric Rooftop

  • Designed with fast and easy installation
  • High quality galvanized steel to provide higher corrosion resistance
  • High performance, low noise scroll compressors adjust the speed to match the required total cooling and heating load
  • Indoor fan motors are belt drive as standard to provide easy in the field belt and pulley adjustment for airflow control

Rebel Applied™ Packaged Rooftop

  • Capitalize on high-performance cabinetry featuring a Class 6 leakage rating at +/- 6
  • Superior efficiencies with EERs exceeding 11.0 and IEERs up to 17.0
  • Intelligent Equipment® controls for remote monitoring
  • Configuration flexibility to fit new applications or retrofit applications

MAVERICK™ I Rooftop Cooling & Heat Pump

  • Light commercial rooftop system for single-zone applications
  • Single-zone VAV with VFD controlled fan reduces supply fan energy consumption
  • High-efficiency units increase full-load efficiency 16% and part-load efficiency 30%
  • Service solutions for easy maintenance