The air you breathe

in your business

Create the perfect climate for your customers and ensure optimal air quality

Customers who feel comfortable stay longer and buy more. We know that creating a perfect climate and keeping energy costs under control are critical to the success of your business. But it is also important to ensure air quality in a way that allows you to take care of those who visit you and also those who are part of the business itself.

The air that you breathe in your business
Indoor air quality in shopping

The factors that affect indoor air quality in shopping centers and various establishments such as stores or restaurants include poor ventilation, outdoor air quality (normally influenced by traffic) and the presence of indoor pollutants. Restaurants, cafeterias, cinemas or specialty stores can have an increase the level of indoor air pollution.

In commercial buildings, a large amount of pollutants can exist that affect the indoor air and can cause harmful effects on health such as eye irritation, respiratory problems, headache and diseases such as asthma, if exposure to poor indoor air quality occurs for a long time.