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At Daikin we know that you care about the air that you, your family or your customers breathe. For years, we have been searching for the best technology to provide you indoor air that helps you create a comfortable and healthy environment. That is why we want to provide you with all the information you need to continue taking care of them.


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Breathing quality indoor air should be one of our priorities when choosing air conditioning systems. It is common to hear and read information on the quality of air in cities, but it is not so common to be up to date on indoor pollution. We must become aware of the importance of breathing clean indoor air.

Did you know that the air in offices or homes can present a concentration of pollutants between 2 and 5 times higher than that of the street? This can lead to health problems since we spend most of our time indoors. To avoid this, our experts recommend looking for the most appropriate technology to ventilate different spaces, such as houses, offices, shops, hotels and others.

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    Inside our homes, offices, entertainment venues, etc. the air does not regenerate or flow as it does in open spaces, so the particles that float in these environments are more concentrated, which causes an increase in the level of pollution.


    Breathing polluted indoor air can cause problems when it comes to falling asleep or concentrating on work or studying. It can also cause headaches, eye or throat irritation, fatigue, and more. In the long term, among the possible effects of prolonged exposure to poor quality air are respiratory or cardiovascular diseases.


    There are two main reasons for indoor air pollution. On the one hand, the lack of ventilation or air filtration; and on the other, the pollution that comes from sources such as tobacco, construction or cleaning materials, excessive humidity, or harmful gases that come from outside.


    To breathe cleaner air at home we can follow some tips such as proper ventilation, not smoking indoors, using the extractor when cooking, or having plants. In addition, it is essential to rely on technology and have purifiers or air conditioning equipment that incorporate filters that retain harmful particles.


    The more filters that a device incorporates, the better the air quality will provide. Each filtering system has different characteristics and functions. For example, the Titanium Apatite filter reduces odors, while the silver ion filter traps pollen. The most innovative and revolutionary is the Flash Streamer technology, exclusive to Daikin, which ensures clean and quality indoor air.


    The humidity of the environment also has effects on our health, so it must be kept at adequate levels (between 40 and 60%). If the humidity is excessive, it can favor the appearance of mold and dust mites; and if it is below what is recommended, it causes dry skin and nose, eye irritation, etc.

    To make the indoor environment comfortable, Daikin has equipment that includes humidification or dehumidification technologies to adapt the humidity levels of the different environments.

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