Streamer Air Purifier MC55UVM6


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The MC55UVM6 purifies air thanks to active plasma ion discharge and flash streamer technology. High performance HEPA filter to catch fine particles of dust. It also features a compact design thanks to its new innovative structure that arranges filter vertically, allowing for a powerful suction and effectively taking in dust over a wide area. This new structure also provides a soundproofing effect for a quiet operation.

Breathe clean fresh air. Unique double method.


Streamer inside

Streamer, a high power plasma discharge technology, decomposes harmful substances* inside the unit. These substances are either trapped on the HEPA filter or absorbed to the deodorizing filter element.


[1] Testing organization: Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science; Test result certificate 21_0026 (issued by same organization); Result of experiment: 99.9% removal of A-H1N1 virus after 1 hour.

[2] Testing organization: Japan Food Research Laboratories. Test number: 15044988001-0201. Test method: Attached a test piece inoculated with bacteria liquid on the upstream side of a dust collection filter installed in an air purifier, and operated it in a test area of 25 m³. Counted the number of live bacteria after five hours. Test result: Reduced by more than 99% in five hours. Test unit: Tested with MCK55S (Japanese model), a model equivalent to MCK55W series (turbo operation).

[3] Various allergens were irradiated by streamer discharge and the breakdown of protein in the allergens was verified using the ELISA method, cataphoresis, or an electron microscope (Joint research with Wakayama Medical University). Test example: ‘Japanese cedar pollen Cryj-1’; Test result: 99,6% or more decomposed and removed in 2 hours.

[4] Testing organization: Japan Food Research Laboratories. Test number: 204041635-001. Test result: 99.9% or more of mold (Cladosporium) spores decomposed and removed in 24 hours.

Active Plasma Ion

Active Plasma Ion flow outside

The Active Plasma Ion generation unit provides further purification to the space, by adding purifying elements to the cleaned air. These could for example assist to deodorize smelling curtains and carpets.

Removes 99.97% of fine particles*

The filter collects dust efficiently with electrostatic forces. It is not prone to clogging compared with unelectrified HEPA filters which collect particles only by the fineness of the mesh. Therefore, a larger amount of air can pass through the filter.

Equipped with a high sensitivity dust sensor that distinguishes small particles such as PM2.5 and larger particles of dust and reacts accordingly. Along with the odor sensor, “triple detection” of dust, PM2.5 and odor is provided.

Hepa Filter

Sensor detects:

Triple detection sensor quickly detects PM2.5

New and innovative structure arranges filters vertically

New and innovative structure arranges filters vertically

Daikin succeeded in reducing the operation sound sensed by people by adopting a wide air outlet and positioning the fan below the filters for soundproofing effect.

Choose from the various operation modes:

AutofanAuto fan

The air purifier is run, without wasteful operation, only in accordance with the level of pollutants in the air, which is detected by the sensor.



Operation automatically switches only between “Quiet” and “Low” modes in accordance with the degree of polluted air.

Modo Anti-polen

Anti-pollen mode

Switches between “standard” and “low” modes to create a gentle turbulence and catch pollen before it lands on the floor.

Limpieza de filtros sin abrir el panel

Easy maintenance

>Filter cleaning without opening the panel

Just clean with a vacuum. No need to open the panel to clean the filter.