FTKM with R32


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Product Specifications
FTKM with R32

Patented Streamer Discharge Technology

It is a type of plasma discharge which generates high-speed electrons that combine with oxygen and nitrogen in the air. It then turns into active species with strong oxidative decomposition power, thereby eliminating viruses, bacteria, allergens such as mold, mites (droppings & dead mites), pollen and hazardous chemical substances such as formaldehyde.

Patented Streamer Discharge Technology


With Daikin’s highest SEER models, you get a product with a rating of 22 SEER, which is best in the 5 star category and is extremely energy efficient.

It helps in saving more electricity

It saves power; ideal for long usage

It helps in saving more electricity

It helps in saving more electricity.

More efficiency

24% more energy efficiency as compared to 5 star AC with ISEER 5

Dew Clean Technology

Dirt, which cannot be removed by the filter, accumulates on the heat exchanger. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and moulds and generates a foul odour. The Dew Clean Technology in Daikin ACs auto cleans the heat exchanger, helping get rid of bacteria, moulds and other unwanted particles.

Dew Clean technology
Ait throw 52ft

Powerful Air Throw


With the Cross Flow Evaporator Fans, Daikin Air Conditioners ensure uniform cooling and a powerful air-flow that allows one to receive the cool air up to 16 meters* (52 Feet) away from the unit. The unique Cross Flow Evaporator Fans and Powerair flow Dual Flaps help in cooling down all sorts of spaces, big and small. Moreover, they help ensure uniform cooling delivering peace of mind.

Match your style

Our FTKM series models have the option of color variation which allows you to personalize your equipment with your color of preference, based on the moment and the design. Your color panels will allow you to have my devices in one and even change your air conditioner based on your home’s decoration or mood. You can select from gray, black, pink, and Daikin blue ti surprise everyone and give your space a unique touch.

  • The panels will be sold as additional accessories that you can attach and detach.
    Available in: Dominican Republic, Central America, Aruba, Saint Martin, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, Colombia, Peru