OptiLine™ Hydronic Vertical Stacked Fan Coil

Oct 25, 2021

Reaching New Heights

Engineered for high-rise apartments, office buildings, dormitories, and hotels, OptiLine provides quiet, comfortable, economical heating and cooling in a very slender package.

Fits Your Space Requirements

With the smallest footprint in the industry, Optiline is the best solution when livable space is at a premium. Available in six sizes, 300 through 1200 cfm, Optiline can handle the most challenging architectural requirements: retrofit applications and new construction alike.

Complete Comfort

Noise is a primary concern where the equipment is located directly in living, working, or resting spaces. OptiLine is both quiet and energy efficient, with each unit containing a variable speed motorized impeller with an EC motor that has been optimized to the impeller. The variable speed feature allows the fan to run at the lowest posible RPM typically at less than 60% capacity, achieving a noise criterion (NC) of less than 30 for the space. Additionally, in cooling mode, the lower RPM provides better humidity control for improved indoor air quality and comfort.

Energy Efficiency For Immediate Savings

Designed to consume the lowest amount of energy possible, OptiLine’s standard factory features can achieve an annual 30 to 50% energy savings. One of those standard features, a high efficiency backwards inclined ECM fan with a three-speed EC motor, results in power consumption of 30 watts or lower, saving 3x the wattage of a typical 400 cfm fan coil. Especially useful in buildings with inconsistent or varying occupancy rates, like hotel or condominiums, decentralized HVAC systems offer significant energy savings. Occupancy sensors turn on and off
the equipment or reset the setpoints, while door and/or window contacts can be interlocked to disable the unit when left open.