Daikin participates as the largest exhibitor in the 2023 AHR EXPO

Feb 15, 2023

Daikin is pleased to announce its participation as the largest exhibitor in the 2023 AHR Expo held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta from February 6th to February 8th.

The AHR Expo is one of the world’s largest HVAC&R exhibitions, which has been held in the U.S. since 1930. Companies in the air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration sectors from around the world exhibit their latest products and technologies.

With the recent global trend toward decarbonization, there is a growing interest in energy savings in HVAC as it accounts for a large percentage of energy consumption in homes and buildings. Under the theme of energy efficiency, the Daikin booth will feature products that use environmental-friendly technologies, such as inverters, heat pumps, and low GWP refrigerants. This includes “Daikin Fit”, a ducted residential air conditioning system adopting inverters for the North American market, as well as “Rebel Applied”, the company’s premier high-efficiency packaged rooftop system for heating and cooling commercial buildings.

The Daikin booth, which introduces a wide range of products from residential to commercial and applied systems, is planned to be the largest booth in the 2023 AHR Expo, covering about 460 square meters (4,950 square feet). In light of the growing interest in environmental technology in North America, Daikin also plans for the first time to open a booth promoting the effectiveness of inverters in reducing power consumption and other benefits.

North America is the largest HVAC market in the world, and Daikin’s strategic management plan “FUSION25” aims to strengthen its business there. Through participation in the AHR Expo, the company highlights the benefits of its products and technologies to visitors from North America and around the world.