Trinity College



Trinity College

Educational center in the Maraval Valley, on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, founded more than 45 years ago.


Trinity College is an institution dedicated to providing a well-rounded general education to all of its students, with the goal of developing all of their abilities.

Commercial Ally

Caribbean HVAC


School Trinity College


Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Project Date

July 2020


Offer a more effective solution than the competition, based on economizing on installation and maintenance


Daikin VRV


A design change was offered in the installation, moving from a chilled water based project to a design including Daikin VRV equipment. Thanks to the close relationship between the Daikin team and Caribbean HVAC (DNA) we were able to have access to communication with the end customer to educate them on the use and advantages of VRV over competing brands. This coupled with maintaining the required budget was key to winning the project. As a team with the DNA, a presentation was made explaining the savings that can be obtained with Daikin VRV equipment.


Trinity College took a leap into the future by choosing Daikin VRV, additionally Caribbean HVAC had the opportunity to demonstrate to Trinity College the savings they will obtain in maintenance as well as the minimal environmental impact on the Maraval Valley thanks to the VRV technology and all within the same budget. This type of installation removes pre-exisitng boundaries to all parties involved.

About COVID-19

This project was completed during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic which led us to a sudden shift in the dynamics of our workforce behavior. A lot of companies were bound to rush towards work from home including ours, so we decided to make arrangements in an extremely short period to address the urgency of this project. Ironically, COVID-19 gave us an additional push to make this challenge a well-accomplished project. At Daikin we are convinced that supporting our partners with effort and talent allow us to achieve any goal.

Engineer in charge:

María Eugenia Medina

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