Correctional Administration

Puerto Rico Government

Providing custody and rehabilitation to members of the correctional population.


Responsible for providing custody and rehabilitation to members of the correctional population through the implementation of quality services, educational and community reintegration programs.

Commercial Ally

DJ Air Group


Correctional Administration


Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Project Date

FY 2020


Replacement of one of the two Pathfinder Chillers model AGS300 installed by an efficient equipment with HFC-134a refrigerant.


Pathfinder AWV016, Dual Point


The Pathfinder model AWV016, Dual Point, was installed with a similar area to the existing one to minimize modifications during installation. The customer had doubts regarding the construction of the condenser coil (MXHE) however we effectively demonstrated that our coil using a more corrosion resistant alloy (Long Life Alloy) and an immersion factory treatment (E-Coat) was reliable and follow the maintenance recommendations.


Since the end customer preferred to go with the existing brand because of the good service they had received in the past. Having such a good service and parts experience with the McQuay brand, he decided to stay with the same brand. However, since it was a public auction, the decision was made by the lowest bidder. Identified the contractor that had the best chance of winning the contract, explained the advantages of using the same brand (footprint, part-load efficiency, lower refrigerant charge). Supporting small contractors who participate in direct replacements is a win-win for Daikin. We must develop a greater number of medium sized contractors who feel comfortable with our product. Support our DNA’s through technical training and increase support as sales engineers.

About COVID-19

This project was completed during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic which led us to a sudden shift in the dynamics of our workforce behavior. A lot of companies were bound to rush towards work from home including ours, so we decided to make arrangements in an extremely short period to address the urgency of this project. Ironically, COVID-19 gave us an additional push to make this challenge a well-accomplished project. At Daikin we are convinced that supporting our partners with effort and talent allow us to achieve any goal.

Engineer in charge:

Rafael Rivera

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