Courtyard by Marriott Curaçao



Courtyard by Marriott Curaçao

Luxury hotel, located in the Caribbean, on the island of Curaçao. (still under construction)


Courtyard by Marriott Curacao is a luxury hotel with 152 rooms and suites in front of the cruise terminal on the island of Curaçao, still under construction.

Commercial Ally

Grupo 123/Gamez


Courtyard by Marriott Curaçao


Willemstad, Curaçao

Project Date

Año Fiscal 2020 (AF2020)


Offer a superior and more cost-effective option to VRF and package units.


590 Ton VRV system plus 5 AHUR handlers.


Originally designed using VRF and package units to handle the fresh air in the hotel. Upon studying the case, it was decided that a redesign was needed, we teamed up with our business partner who recalculated the heat load and offered to change the 100% fresh air package units to air handling units with VRV kit and HSHP for humidity control. The use of HSHP offers a more efficient solution with lower operating cost since the HSHP does not use an electric heater. Additionally, the new design contemplated changing the splits located in the lobby to VRV units to maintain the same technology throughout the project and to be able to control all units with i-Touch Manager (iTM).

NOTE: The owner was asked to validate the new design with an external consultant of his choice. This was located in Chile, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation in 2020 we relied on the use of webinars and video conferences, we trained the Chile consultant on the Daikin product portfolio and with the support of our Chile office, he was invited to visit the VRV facilities at the Costanera Center in the city of Santiago.


By turning this project into Daikin BOD, we won. Not only did we offer the client a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, but we also offered the best solution, making it clear in the process that the original capacities were not calculated correctly and that our equipment has the technology to efficiently adapt to different areas of the same project and comply with the concentration limits stipulated by Marriott’s regulations. Our local commercial partner handled the installation of all the equipment.

The 360º approach, in which Daikin has contact with all the factors involved in the decision making process (owner, consultant and contractor) is a highly effective way to win projects by demonstrating our analytical capacity, knowledge and the high technological level that our equipment and related personnel possess.

About COVID-19

This project was completed during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic which led us to a sudden shift in the dynamics of our workforce behavior. A lot of companies were bound to rush towards work from home including ours, so we decided to make arrangements in an extremely short period to address the urgency of this project. Ironically, COVID-19 gave us an additional push to make this challenge a well-accomplished project. At Daikin we are convinced that supporting our partners with effort and talent allow us to achieve any goal.

Engineer in charge Daniel Vivas