VRV Mobile/Tablet Controller - SMVPC1

What SVMPC1 does for you:

  • Control your small building A/C from anywhere
    Your smartphone will be a remote controller for VRV through WiFi and the Internet. Allows programming a time schedule!

  • Save energy by reducing wasteful operation
    Limit the setpoint range to prevent too low/high setpoint.

  • Notifies a service technician of maintenance need
    SVMPC1 sends alert e-mail to registered person who's in charge of maintenance.

  • User-friendly screen
    Anyone can use SVMPC1 without special training.


Control Your Small Building from Anywhere

Image of a person using the app on their phone to control the air conditioning



SVMPC1: System Structure

Diagram of the SVMPC1 system structure.




Locate a Sales or Service Representative

Category Specification Detail
Number of indoor units Max 32 (with additional DTA116A51)
Number of DTA116A51 Max 2
Number of
Max 20
Device type iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android phone,
Windows tablet, Windows phone, Windows PC,
Web browser Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Localizador de ventas y servicios Localizador de partes Localizador de Aliados Comerciales