Air Conditioner


destiny installedThe Daikin DX20VC is a high-efficiency air conditioner. It is powered by a Daikin brand variable-speed compressor, ensuring that the unit can reach up to 24.5 SEER cooling performance, which can result in significantly lower energy bills and better indoor comfort compared to central air conditioners with a single stage compressor.

Its proprietary Daikin Inside™ technology allows for sophisticated diagnostics and optimal performance routines. Its heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure with sound-control top baked enamel finish protects your system from weather conditions.

  • Up to 24.5 SEER Performance
  • Daikin Inside™ variable-speed compressor - the same technology used in over 30 million Daikin brand units across the world
  • Quiet operation, with sound levels down to 58dba, through sound reduction features
Daikin Inverter   Daikin Inverter Compressor
Reduces up to 50% of energy consumption while reaching the selected temperature quickly and maintaining precise temperature for consistent comfort.
Daikin Inside logo   Daikin Inside™
Daikin designs and manufactures its own inverter compressors. This assures the best quality, performance and durability of the product. This is the benefit of getting a Daikin Inside™.


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