2013/07/01 | Dakin McQuay Succeeds in Getting AC Contract for Large Project in Chile

PUBLISHED BY JARN (Japan Air Conditioning, Heat and Refrigeration News)

newsShortly after the first HVAC&R trade show held in Chile, Cencosud awarded Daikin McQuay for two of the four towers that include the most important building complex in the modern business district of Santiago de Chile. This project involves a large 7 floor, 47,000 m^2 shopping mall. The shopping mall areas will be air conditioned through several centrifugal chillers. On top of this mall emerge 4 towers, with a total of 426,000 m^2 floor space. Tower 2 will be the tallest building in Latin America with a 300-meter height and about 70 floors (64 floors for office usage).

Daikin McQuay so far has been awarded towers 2 and 4. This important contract for Daikin is the larges commercial development in Latin America for 2012. Towers 2 and 4 are being equipped with Daikin's water-cooled VRV III heat recovery units and will result in the largest project in the world with this type of equipment. This major contract is an important accomplishment in Latin America for Daikin, and builds on other major developments Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

Cencosud is one of Chile's largest corporations, dedicated mainly to retail. Its 2012 revenues are estimated at US$ 16 billion. The company was recently listed on the New York Stock Exchange and it represents a major retail force in Latin America. Cencosud is growing very rapidly and about 41% of its revenue comes form Chile; about 29% from Argentina; 21% from Brazil; Peru and Colombia account for the rest.

Daikin McQuay Chile just moved offices to a new location in Santiago de Chile, offering more advantages to its costumers. Daikin McQuay is one of the leading HVAC companies in the world. In Latin America, Daikin McQuay is reinforcing presence and leadership offering innovative technologies that are flexible to meet each customer application.

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