2012/03/05 | Introducing Daikin McQuay Brand for Applied Solutions and Applications

The Commercial HVAC market will be seeing a lot more of the Daikin McQuay brand as McQuay International formally expands the name to the majority of its applied products and services to reflect the shared innovation and technologies and help the industry associate Daikin with applied solutions and applications.

"We've been slowly making the change to Daikin McQuay since 2009," said Don Winter, vice president of marketing at McQuay. "In 2009 we introduced the first Daikin McQuay branded products, the Pathfinder™ Air Cooled chiller followed by the Daikin McQuay Magnitude® magnetic bearing chiller; both of them industry leaders in their classes. This year we have introduced the Daikin McQuay Rebel™ packaged cooling and heat pump rooftop system, as well as the Daikin McQuay SmartSource™ water source heat pump, both of which include the Daikin inverter compressor technology."

Winter went on to state that, it is a natural evolution considering McQuay became a member of Daikin Group six years ago. The branding change reflects Daikin's footprint in the global, commercial HVAC equipment space. Virtually all of the company's product lines now benefit from the Daikin commitment to deliver world-class performance, quality and sustainability to its customers.

Specifiers working on global projects will likely be the first to be impacted by the change. According to Winter, the company is anticipating an increase in new specifications, due simply to awareness considering Daikin's strong brand reputation around the globe. The Daikin Group is the largest supplier of HVAC equipment globally, serving residential, commercial, institutional and industrial HVAC markets.

"With time, the integration of the two companies is becoming stronger and that the industry should continue to expect to see even more industry-leading commercial HVAC products from Daikin McQuay since the company has a culture of continuous product improvement and sharing of technologies," said Winter.

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